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Woman and Veteran owned and Customer focused

As a small business we believe in keeping it local and made in the USA as much as possible. We also believe that Fishing is the best way to spend a day.  Our business partners are veterans. To All Veterans who served, whether at home or abroad, We thank you for your service to our great country!

Tom’s Tackle supports giving back to the community. Tom’s Tackle donates to Take a Kid Fishing and the Walleye Masters Pay it Forward Veterans program and supports local community programs such as Scouts.


Nestled in the north woods near the south shore of Lake of the Woods is Tom’s Tackle, Inc. Tom’s Tackle is a family owned business that designs and produces their own unique brand of jigs, spinners, lures and fishing accessories.

Established in 1959 by a Baudette resident, Tom Nichol. The May’s are the 5th generation family to own Tom’s Tackle and proudly carry on the legacy.

History: After just two years, Tom and his wife moved to Alaska. They sold the business to Adolph Marhula and along with his two sons, operated the business until 1969. Adolph then sold the business to Henry Sindelir who kept it going until 1998 when Dean,  Shirley and Dave Wiersma purchased the business until the recent sale in late 2020 to the May family.

We continue the tradition of producing Tom’s Tackle’s unique line of tackle utilizing 24K gold plating and the best paint in the industry. Tom’s Tackle’s reputation is synonymous with quality and responsiveness in the Walleye fishing community on Lake of the Woods, the Rainy River and Rainy Lake.  Tom’s Tackle has a reaction time unlike any other lure company. With the help of local guides and anglers cross the upper midwest we come up with ideas and use our abilities to modify or create unique products such as gold-plated bottom bouncers, special color combination jigs and lures. The statement “Made To Order” is a known and proven slogan for all the anglers familiar with the company. This type of attention to detail and willingness to experiment has built a reputation as an exclusive lure company that tests and proves their lures before they are marketed to the public.

Tom’s Tackle is the proud designer and manufacturer of such unique lures as “The Pink Charmer”, “The River Dancer” and “The sturgeon rig”, as well as many other original Tom’s Tackle products. The uniqueness and variety of Tom’s Tackle’s lures does not stop with just winter tackle, they are known for their custom spinner blades, found on their 1-Hook; 2-Hook and 3-Hook spinners.

Tom’s Tackle is also a distributor for a variety of fishing products and accessories produced by such nationally and internationally known companies as Frabil, HT Enterprise, Eagle Claw, Clam and many more. With the expansion of the business, Tom’s Tackle will be your one stop shop for all your winter and summer fishing needs. One thing is certain, whether you are a fish or an angler, you are going to get hooked on Tom’s Tackle!

Sharon & Todd May


Tom’s Tackle, Inc. is an authentic, customer focused company who embraces innovative, progressive product ideas while holding ourselves accountable and true to the realism that all experiences and needs for the sport of fishing will change over time.


My name is Mike Upgren, Reel Fishing Guides, LLC in Bismarck, ND. I asked Tom’s Tackle if they could send some of their ¼ ounce Round Headed jigs to fish with on the Missouri River this spring, of course as expected from a family owned business I got great service and had some jigs in my mailbox in just a couple of days-
The Missouri River is primarily sandbars, timber with some rock rip rap from Bismarck north- I just got done with a few guide trips and was able to try some of these bad boys out! The quality of the hooks was the first thing that stood out to me! There strength and durability is top notch! We do a lot of pitching and dragging of jigs so snags can be very common in some areas- I also noticed the durability of the paint. This holds up incredibly well for the wear and tear of hitting rock rip rap, sand etc…I would highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed! I know my clients weren’t! Thanks Tom’s Tackle!