Pink Stinky Choker



This Tom’s Tackle exclusive Stinky Choker – it glows red in the dark and smells like rotten eggs when it gets in the water! Do fish smell?  Does scent work when fishing to attract walleye, sauger an other fish like perch? YES! A fish has a 100 times better sense of smell than a dog. In fact a fish has four nostrils. Water, carrying the scent, moves through small sacs that are connect to the brain via nerves, allowing the fish to smell. Fish don’t take long to follow the scent trail back to the source.

This jig has been described as the “closest thing to magic for getting walleyes on the hook” Eelpouts also love it.

Here is a recent article on these https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/northland-outdoors/dokken-he-calls-it-the-pink-stinky-and-the-name-most-certainly-fits



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