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These jigs, known to many as round heads, or ball jigs, like all of our Tom’s Tackle original products, are manufactured right here in the upper Midwest, USA.  This is the jig of choice for anglers that appreciate quality and craftsmanship.  They are hand painted and make appearances on lakes and rivers all over the U.S. because they can take the abuse of pounding rocks all day without chipping off.  Also available in Gold (yes, REAL 24 K gold plated), God with painted accent colors (the same 24 K Gold), solid painted, glow and glow with accent colors.  We have 1 ounce, 1 1/2 and 2 ounce roundheads in stock.

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  1. tomstackleinc@gmail.com

    My name is Mike Upgren, Reel Fishing Guides, LLC in Bismarck, ND. I asked Tom’s Tackle if they could send some of their ¼ ounce Round Headed jigs to fish with on the Missouri River this spring, of course as expected from a family owned business I got great service and had some jigs in my mailbox in just a couple of days-

    The Missouri River is primarily sandbars, timber with some rock rip rap from Bismarck north- I just got done with a few guide trips and was able to try some of these bad boys out! The quality of the hooks was the first thing that stood out to me! There strength and durability is top notch! We do a lot of pitching and dragging of jigs so snags can be very common in some areas- I also noticed the durability of the paint. This holds up incredibly well for the wear and tear of hitting rock rip rap, sand etc…I would highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed! I know my clients weren’t! Thanks Tom’s Tackle!

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